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Repiping Services

Repiping – Plumbing Pipe Replacement Services

Repiping, or replacing all of the plumbing piping in your house, is often a difficult decision to make for homeowners. However, depending on the age of your home and the types of plumbing materials originally used, it’s often the only option when persistent plumbing issues occur. Older homes were once piped with galvanized water supply lines. Over time these pipes can deteriorate, causing yellowish/brown water, decreased water pressure or even small, systemic leaks. If you have any of these issues, give the professional plumbers at Glasmeier Plumbing a call. We’ll do a complete analysis of your plumbing system and recommend a solution that fits your budget and needs.

Repiping is a complete replacement of your home's piping system; it’s not a quick fix or a patch job. Our plumbers will replace all of your home’s piping and make sure everything meets current building codes. We’ll flush and test the system to ensure new pipes work properly.

Consider repiping your house when:

  • You have an old house with original plumbing
  • Your pipes are corroded
  • You have discolored, yellowish or brown water
  • Excessive leaking is a continual problem

Whole House Repiping Options

There are a couple of options available to homeowners when considering a full repipe, and the materials you choose will depend on your budget and needs.

  • Copper: If you currently have old pipes that are made of galvanized steel, then the standard for water pipes is copper. This type of metal is used because of its durability and its resistance to rust and corrosion. However, it is very expensive.
  • PEX: This is a flexible, plastic pipe that is much cheaper to buy and easier to install than copper – it also resists corrosion and freezing more than other types of piping. This type of pipe is becoming standard in new construction.

Call Glasmeier Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs. Whether you’re looking at a whole-house repiping, fixing a burst pipe or doing a bathroom remodel, our experienced plumbers are ready to help. We look forward to becoming the plumber you recommend to your friends and family.

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