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Drain Cleaning Services

Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning in Newark, OH

Glasmeier Plumbing will sort out any of your clog or sewer problems, such as clogs due to flushed objects, a collapsed pipe, the wrong slope along the pipelines, tree roots growing into the sewer line, or a malfunctioning septic tank. The key to a properly operating sewer and drain system is regular cleaning. Even if there isn’t a clog or a major problem yet, call us to check and maintain your sewer system, because a plumber is not only important when something goes wrong. Like anything else in your house, your sewer system needs to be kept clean.

Our certified, professional plumbers will unclog your bathtub, kitchen sink or any other appliance as soon as possible. We will take care of any grease clogs in your kitchen or blockages in your main bathroom drains, and provide preventive maintenance plans to reduce the risk of clogs happening again. Our repairs are guaranteed, so you can be sure that once we fix the problem, it stays fixed.

If something smells funny in your house, you may have a sewer line problem. We will inspect your floor drain to make sure the trap is working correctly. We'll use several different pieces of equipment and technology to find the source of the problem and solve it right away. Sewer gas can be dangerous, so we will deal with it as soon as possible. Sewer line and sewer tank problems are stressful and uncomfortable, so call the experts at Glasmeier Plumbing and we will sort out the issue and get it resolved.

Symptoms of Severe Blockage in your Pipes

  • Slow-moving or standing water in your sink or bathtub drains
  • A foul smell coming from toilet, sink or bathtub
  • Regurgitating or bubbling toilet or sink
  • Dirt and/or sediment coming through the pipes
  • Noisy or gurgling pipes

If you notice any of these symptoms, your plumbing may benefit from drain cleaning.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

High pressure drain cleaning, or hydro-jetting is used to clean out stubborn clogs, debris and even tree roots growing into your pipes. Call the professionals at Glasmeier Plumbing to see if this option is a good choice for you. Our plumbers use a tool that delivers a high pressure stream of water directly to the clog. No harsh or damaging chemicals are used, and there is no need to dig up your pipes, which saves you time and money.

The primary advantage of high pressure jetting is that the water will clean everything out of your pipes. This is in contrast to solutions such as plumbing snakes that are typically unable to wash away fatty deposits, grease and other gunk that builds up on the walls of your pipes.

High pressure drain cleaning is typically used for commercial applications, but can be a successful solution for homeowners too. Call the expert plumbers at Glasmeier Plumbing to assess your clogged or slow-drain problems to see if high pressure jetting is right for you.

Drain & Sewer Video Pipeline Inspections

It used to be uncommon for plumbers to use video pipeline inspection just a few years ago, because the equipment was difficult to obtain and expensive. Today’s technology has made this equipment part of any good plumber’s toolkit. The video cameras, monitors and transmitters plumbers use now are high quality and remove much of the guesswork in the job. At Glasmeier Plumbing, our professional, trained plumbers regularly use video pipeline inspection to efficiently diagnose problems complete required repairs.

The video pipeline inspection equipment consists of a small, waterproof camera, known as a pipeline inspection gauge (PIG), mounted on the end of a flexible stick. This camera goes into a pipe and transmits a clear image back to the plumber in real time. This is an easy, non-destructive way for the plumber to get a close look inside the pipes and quickly pinpoint the source of the problem. Not only will the plumber be able to see what is causing the problem, they will know at exactly what point in the pipeline the issue has occurred.

We suggest you have plumbing maintenance inspections performed on your system once a year. When you schedule your inspection, be sure to ask if it includes a video pipeline inspection. If you suspect a problem with your pipes, or have recently lost something down a drain, call the team at Glasmeier Plumbing!

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