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Toilet Replacement & Toilet Leak Repair

Toilet Replacement, Service & Repair

When a toilet isn’t working, you want to determine if it needs repair vs. replacement. If you have an older toilet, this can be an even more difficult problem to sort out on your own. The expert technicians at Glasmeier Plumbing will be able to tell you when it stops becoming cost-effective to repair the toilet and will save you more in the long run to replace it.

A properly maintained toilet can last years, if not decades. To keep your toilet working well, clean it thoroughly and regularly. Don’t flush strange objects and be familiar with the hardware in the tank. Signs that your toilet needs replacement include frequent repairs for issues such as leaking or constant running; cracked and dirty porcelain; or repeated clogging. Homeowners who want to save water should consider getting a new toilet because older models tend to be less efficient.  Talk to one of our certified plumbers about a new toilet installed by Glasmeier Plumbing.

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The hardworking, professional plumbers at Glasmeier Plumbing will come to your home and help determine the problem and the best, most cost-efficient solution to your toilet issues. We will remove your old toilet and install a new one quickly and with no hassle on your part. Our industry knowledge allows us to source parts at good prices, so a repair doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We can repair any problems with ball valves, toilet flushes, handles, toilet siphons, diaphragms, cisterns, pipes or push buttons. Call us if your toilet is leaking, or having trouble flushing or filling. Our repairs are insured to guarantee that once fixed, the problem stays fixed.

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